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Settings.TV will be your one stop resource for getting the most from your television, from selecting the optimum calibration settings for your television to looking for a television that suits your needs by checking out the television specs from out database which contains a growing variety of popular TV brands.

What is TV Calibration?
The process of TV calibration isn’t really that old, but you’ll hear TV sales people use it on a regular basis. Television calibration wasn’t introduced until the world of high definition took over several years ago. It has to do with adjusting certain settings on your TV which can improve performance, increase accuracy, and even make it use less power. Just as you would normally adjust different settings when initially setting your TV up for the first time, calibrating it would include tweaking certain ratios, dimensions, and contrast to obtain the best picture with the least amount of energy consumption. Most companies will charge a few hundred dollars to calibrate your TV. However, the brands and models listed on our website include free calibration recommendations which you can go and set yourself to save extra money!
Stay tuned more features will be coming like how to stream to your TV from your PC or Mobile device, made easy, TV accessories that you can plug into your TV, Apps for televisions, getting the most from your Smart TV.

TV Calibration Before and After Picture