Amazon look set to release 2 new Fire TV models this fall


It looks like  Amazon are set to release 2 new Fire TV devices this year according to AFTVNews  in an exclusive article  and they should be available for purchase around end October beginning of November. The releases will consist of a mid-tier model and a new flagship model, and both will be capable of 4K HDR video at 60 fps.

The new mid-range model will be a compact device similar to the Google Chromecast, with a permanently attached HDMI cable and a micro USB port for attaching a power cord. In a leaked benchmark, it was also discovered that the device will have a 1.5 GHz quad core CPU and 2 GB of RAM, and it is speculated that it will also feature the same 8 GB of internal storage as the Fire TV models that have come before it. It should in terms of processing power fall somewhere between the current Fire Stick 2nd Gen and FIre TV box 2nd gen.

 The new flagship model is even more exciting: according to AFTVNews, “it essentially combines the functionality of a Fire TV, an Echo Dot, and an IR emitter, like the Harmony Hub, into a single device.”  Users will be able to change the input, control the volume and much more with their voice and Fire TV alone. On top of all that, the IR emitter Amazon is adding to the device will allow you to control most other televisions and A/V equipment in your home as well.

As for pricing which has not been announced yet, you can expect it to be more than $100 but definitely less than the new Apple TV 4k. For the new mid range model, probably $49.99 – $59.99 however that is just a calculated guess it may sell for slightly more.

On another note according to reported in a recent software update,Fire TV language settings added a few more countries on the list and in the past when ever this was done the Fire TV was soon launched in those countries. So it may be that when Amazon launch there new devices, they will hit the US market first releasing Fire Stick 2nd Gen inventory for the new countries that Fire TV will launch in.

Admin opinion :

I like the look of the new flagship model, I would purchase this then sell my Fire TV 2nd Gen box and I would definitely upgrade from Fire Stick 2nd Gen stick to the new prospective mid range model for the bedroom, while the 2nd Gen is OK and a vast improvement on the the first fire stick, that extra bit of power that takes it closer to the Fire TV 2nd gen box will make it perfect for the bedroom or taking ‘on the go’

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